Systems Analyst / Developer / Business Analyst and more

Whilst I am not out traversing and photographing this wonderful world, I can be found tied to a desk, cutting lines of codes for work or my own projects. I have a keen interest in Web Development and also Business Intelligence, working with big data. I have been fortunate enough to have gained vast experience in many areas of the IT Industry and welcome the opportunity to further my career in these areas.

My Experience includes:

  • Application Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Database Design and Development
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Web and Windows application development

More details of my experience and qualifications can be found by viewing my Curriculum vitae:

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Amateur Photographer

I have a keen interest in photography. I enjoy the challenge of capturing some of the incredible landscapes, inhabitants and natural phenomena of our amazing world.

Visit my gallery for a glimpse of my portfolio: Gallery

Travelling / SCUBA and Adventures

I enjoy many activities outside the IT world. These include travelling, SCUBA, outdoor / water activities such as touch footy and learning to surf. I am fortunate enough to have travelled and made many friends around the globe. View my Travel Map to see the countries I have traversed:

Travel Map

As previously mentioned, I enjoy SCUBA diving, and have been lucky enough to have dived The Great Barrier reef, Komodo (Indonesia) and various dive areas around the Yucatan Peninsula / Cozumel, Mexico. I am fascinated by the dazzling array of fish and marine animals and the amazing biodiversity present in our oceans. There is a new and fascinating universe down there that you only ever see in wildlife documentaries. There is no substitute for exploring the seas first-hand.

My Adventures